Industrial Wall Storage

Wall Storage Panels for Industrial Use

Tidywall™ Wall Storage Panels are the perfect industrial wall storage solution, as they allow you to get everything off the floor and onto the walls for a safe, clean and clutter-free working environment making it the perfect industrial storage solution. Tidywall™ can hold everything from power tools, cables and cords to saw blades, ladders, cabinets and more and it is a great helper where industrial wall storage is required! The toughness, durability and flexibility of Tidywall™ allows you to simply clip hooks, hangers, shelves, baskets and cabinets on to the 18mm thick extruded PVC panel. For a great industrial wall storage solution that adapts to your changing needs, look no further.

Industrial Wall Storage Panels Industrial Wall Storage Panels


We built Tidywall™ wall storage panels to withstand the extreme climate changes of the tough industrial environment. We manufactured Tidywall™ wall storage panels are produced from high density PVC and heavy duty moulded components making them strong, resistant to staining and scratching while still being lightweight. The panel based system evenly distributes stored weight throughout the entire wall and with our extensive range of wall storage accessories; you can hang virtually anything you think of on your workshop or factory wall with Tidywall™ wall storage panels.

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Tidywall™ Panels are wall storage panels which can be mounted on to any wall. Tidywall™ Wall Storage Panels are great for residential wall storage in garages, for retail wall displays, commercial wall storage and are so durable that they are used as an industrial wall storage solution.
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