Retail Wall Storage

Wall Storage Panels for Retail Displays

We have uniquely designed our Tidywall™ retail wall display panels so that you can show off your products to your customers discreetly and elegantly. Tidywall™ retail wall display and storage panels are designed to function with other wall storage accessories and with them, you can create an unlimited number of display types and modify or enlarge your retail wall display area as needed. With Tidywall™, you can customize a retail wall display to your specific needs and styles, after all, no two retailers are identical!

TidyWall Garage Wall Storage Panels TidyWall Garage Wall Storage Panels


Tidywall's™ retail wall display range is not only used as a display system but also as a general storage solution. Our retail wall display panels are easy to clean, mould and UV resistant and made from 100% recyclable, 18mm thick extruded PVC! The Tidywall™ retail wall display and storage panels are are easy to assemble and our accessories lock in and out with ease. Tidywall's™ durable and convenient retail wall mounted display panels help you protect and expose your products and inventory.

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Tidywall™ Panels are wall storage panels which can be mounted on to any wall. Tidywall™ Wall Storage Panels are great for residential wall storage in garages, for retail wall displays, commercial wall storage and are so durable that they are used as an industrial wall storage solution.
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