TidyWall Wall Storage Panels

Versatile Wall Storage Panels

Clear up the floor and use your walls as storage areas

Tidywall™ is patented wall storage solution and offers a great way to store practically anything on the walls of your storage area. Tidywall™ is a wall mounted storage panel system that can be attached to virtually any wall in your house, shed, shop, retail store or even factory to maximise your storage space, and help you get the clutter off the floor and on to the walls.

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Tidywall™ will transform unused walls into organised, tidy areas of efficiency with tons of space for all you wall storage needs. We designed Tidywallâ„¢ to be able to handle the harshest treatment but still looks great and discreet as a wall storage solution. Once installed you can organise and reorganise as much or as little as your heart desires with our large range of wall storage accessories.

TidyWall Garage Wall Storage Panels TidyWall Garage Wall Storage Panels


Tidywall™ Panels are wall storage panels which can be mounted on to any wall. Tidywall™ Wall Storage Panels are great for residential wall storage in garages, for retail wall displays, commercial wall storage and are so durable that they are used as an industrial wall storage solution.
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