Shed Wall Storage

Wall Storage Panels for Shed Storage

The best way to maximise the valuable space of your home or garage is to get as many items off the floor as possible, and Tidywall™ excels as the ultimate shed wall storage system. Most importantly Tidywall™ is easy to change, move or expand to suit any needs that you may have at home or in your garage. You will never be stuck with that bracket, shelf or hook in the wrong place again! Tidywall™ is an excellent storage solution for the any type of shed, you will drive your neighbours green with envy as we have the best shed storage solution for you - that's the Tidywall™ shed storage solution guarantee!

Residential Wall Storage Panels Residential Wall Storage Panels


Tidywall™ Shed Storage Panels can transform your shed and garage into more than just a storage area. It will also, with a bit of thought and design, increase the interest value and resale price of your property. And best of all, you will never have to put another screw or nail into your shed wall to hang items. Everything just clips on and off, giving you years and years of organising variety and pleasure. With our extensive range of Tidywall™ shed storage accessories, you can use your walls to store your bicycles, surfboards, golf bags and hundreds of other hobby or everyday items you find in sheds.

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Tidywall™ Panels are wall storage panels which can be mounted on to any wall. Tidywall™ Wall Storage Panels are great for residential wall storage in garages, for retail wall displays, commercial wall storage and are so durable that they are used as an industrial wall storage solution.
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